The ‘GUDDYGIGGA TEXTILES’ is an experienced and proficiency firm ,dealing with all kinds of shawls with good printing products. After the years of hardwork, we have brought the great honor. With the help of promoters , experts and other employees , the firm is going ahead and exploring new markets for its products. The GUDDYGIGGA is a registered firm , working in a proper manner by following all laws.


The motto is to fulfill customers requirements in confined time period and make customers happy. The proper consideration is given to quality matters. The firm’s aims to explore global market.


Today’s world is not confined to limited boundries, there is so many things to explore. As every businessman wants to grow , so we have to make all efforts to grab new opportunity and try to work outside the domestic limits so that every country can cheer your products. One should not forget the economic and social responsibility of business towards country and people respectively. GUDDYGIGGA aims at fulfill all its social responsibility. So in the end, I appreciate the work of all people working for guddygigga that expand our name.


The firm provide good working facilities to their employees so that employees works in satisfactory manner that adversely effect production quantity and quality.